The legendary Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden of Gabriel & Dresden stopped by Nexus Radio not too long ago. They talked to us about how they met artist JES, their break up in 2008 and what it really means to be a DJ.

The duo explained that after six years of spending every day together, they needed some time apart. They needed to re-evaluate their goals. “I think that maybe we were chasing the EDM thing a little bit , not really trying to make EDM records but maybe being part of the scene…and basically realizing that was a false dream.” stated Dave Dresden.

The Organized Nature imprint founders tell us they stepped away from the spotlight in order to figure out what was important to them. They wanted to produce records that came from the heart and they explained their new single “Tomorrow Comes” was produced with this new state of mind and framework.

Gabriel & Dresden’s previous singles include “Tracking Down Treasure” , “Dangerous Power” but it was their breakout hit “As The Rush Comes” with JES that propelled them to international stardom.

When we asked how the pair coordinated a live set. They responded; “Collaboration is a skill. We’re essentially one Dj with four hands and two heads and lately we both have our hands on the mixer as well…but the real DJ’ing happens in the use of the mixer and most importantly in the songs that you’re playing.”

Interview highlights

  • Deep House ready to explode
  • Work on the road through Skype
  • “Make music that’s unmistakably yours”
  • Their new productions are more focused on the feeling rather than the tempo or BPM.
  • Want to make music that lasts forever.

Gabriel & Dresden – Tomorrow Comes