Twenty-year-old singer, model, and actor Reiss Harrison has had quite the year! His infectious house anthem Control (the Ste Essence remix) is officially one of the most underrated dance tracks of 2017! That however, did not stop him and his incredible team at Carrillo Music from clocking in at the Billboard’s dance airplay chart a few weeks back.

Reiss has the looks! but his work ethic is also something to admire, he was up past midnight working on some “b-tracks” when we dialed him last week. He was working on an upcoming collaboration with DJ Fenix which is slated to be released in 2018.

Nexus Radio is deeming Reiss Harrison an artist to watch for in 2018! He’s got a great team behind him, spearheaded by industry veteran Rod Carrillo.  Couple that with Lisa Williams‘ incredible song-writing skills, and we should expect nothing but utter greatness from Carrillo & Company in the incoming year!

Tune in below to hear our shenanigans with Reiss Harrison. Click play below!

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