Relu & Alejandro Share Miami Music Week Magic

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In a lively interview hosted by Farius at the Philips Interview Space during the Nexus Lounge Miami edition, Relu and Alejandro dive into their Miami Music Week 2024 experiences. They captivated listeners with tales of their performances at iconic venues like Wynwood and Clevelander. Relu buzzed with excitement about connecting with record label and magazine representatives, revealing a thrilling new song release with Luka Testa’s label.

Alejandro, experiencing his first Miami Music Week, shared his passion for soccer and the electrifying atmosphere of the event. The interview took a delightful turn with light-hearted questions about favorite movie soundtracks, childhood toys, and even hypothetical animal identities, offering a playful peek into their personalities.

Relu & Alejandro

Relu and Alejandro’s infectious energy and enthusiasm for music shine through, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their upcoming projects. As Alejandro says, “Music is our playground, and Miami is the ultimate game.”

Don’t miss out on the full interview—it’s packed with surprises and exclusive insights. Tune in to hear more from these dynamic artists!

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