RESTRICTED Reveals His Secret to Achieving Viral Success in the Music Industry

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Young Australian DJ RESTRICTED graced us with his presence at the Lee Jeans pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He talked about his secret to music virality, shared his first-time experience at ADE, and joined the fun on our Take 5 series!

Hailing from Australia, 23-year-old RESTRICTED has garnered support from industry tastemakers and music labels and captivated audiences with a distinctive blend of Techno, Hard Dance, and Hardstyle influences.


2023 is a testament to RESTRICTED’s meteoric rise, with over 100 million streams accumulated this year alone. The catalyst for his breakthrough was a remix of the viral TikTok sensation ‘Captain,’ which quickly catapulted him into the limelight. This remix reached an official release under the esteemed Warner Music Group’s label, Parlophone UK, setting the stage for a remarkable journey.

However, the Australian DJ’s prowess extends beyond one viral hit; he has orchestrated multiple remixes on TikTok that have achieved virality across the platform. “I personally always push my music through TikTok before I’m putting it out, so just heaps attracts the test, and hopefully, whatever catches we release, I guess that’s kind of the way things work at the moment,” the DJ confessed. Tracks like “Big Jet Plane,” “Love Tonight,” and “Bonanza” have become anthems in their own right, showcasing RESTRICTED’s versatility as a producer and remix artist.

RESTRICTED’s mission goes beyond personal success; it is a quest to break down barriers between the underground and the main stages. His goal is to make the EDM sub-genre accessible and unrestricted, bringing the allure of minimal sounds to a broader audience. This vision is realized through high-profile releases, a rapidly expanding fan base, and an extensive touring schedule that spans Europe, Asia, the USA, and Australia.

Recently, RESTRICTED attended his first Amsterdam Dance Event, performing at a SINPHONY show with Timmy Trumpet. The DJ enjoyed his time in the dance music capital, saying, “I came here to have my meetings, have my interviews, play my gigs, and to have a bit of fun. Every time I come here, it’s always such a good place. So much life in the city.”

The DJ hinted at many new music, including numerous remixes, originals, and more. One significant track that gained popularity in Australia, “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro, is set to be re-released. In addition, RESTRICTED is wrapping up the year by embarking on a tour across Australia and Asia, bringing his music to diverse audiences and creating memorable experiences on the live stage.

 When asked what the most unexpected or unusual thing happened to him while performing, RESTRICTED answered, “I’ve been DJing for about seven years. So I’ve seen it all. And I’ve played everywhere and everyone from house parties to clubs to pubs in the middle of Australia in the middle of nowhere. So things get thrown at me, and other people fight.”

To learn more about RESTRICTED, including three people he would love to have dinner with, listen to our full interview below!


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