rihannaInstead of releasing her 8th studio album on Black Friday, Rihanna dropped another teaser for Anti on her Twitter.

Rumors, mix-ups, and mystery have brought more attention to the album than anything else. Everything from an interactive, hint-dropping mobile website to Yahoo’s embarrassing mix-up where the shell for a review of the album was accidentally dropped prematurely. It’s even been suggested that Chris Brown had to re-schedule the release date for his album, Royalty, to avoid colliding with hers. Despite all the excitement there was no album. Instead, fans received a tiny snippet to keep us wondering.

At 11:06 p.m. Nov. 27. Rihanna tweeted this to her followers:

The teaser-slash-Samsung promotion foreshadows the dark tone that’s being promoted along with the album. DJ Mustard, David Guetta, Sia, and Sam Smith are all suspected to be possible collaborators, so one can presume that this album will be diverse and eclectic. It’s been a long time since Rihanna has been any kind of sunshine girl, and it’s been a fun ride sinking into the murky black with her ever since Good Girl Gone Bad. It’ll be exciting to have the mysteries of Anti revealed.

The actual ETA for Anti is anyone’s guess. Some of her hints suggest early December, but that’s a shaky presumption. Most of the details have been kept a mystery which is the perfect way to keep us interested. Here’s to the next breadcrumb along the trail to Rihanna’s newest project.