Robin+Thicke+RobinThicke-300x224MTV tells us that the singer-songwriter Robin Thicke might be thinking that his relationship with estranged wife Paula Patton consists of many “blurred lines” and that he just might have a chance at winning her back.

And he’s trying to get her back, not by writing her a song, or even two, but by writing and producing a whole album dedicated and named after her.

Yes, the album will be named “Paula.”

With constant attempts to get Paula Patton back, it looks like this will be Thicke’s ultimate deal breaker.

But with no comments from Paula Patton regarding Thicke’s grand gestures after their split, who knows if she’ll be persuaded.

Rap-Up says that the new album will be released on July 1 through Star Trak/Interscope Records.