Rudeejay’s Unfiltered Journey Unveiled in Exclusive Nexus Lounge Interview

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Rudeejay stopped by the KEF Pop-Up studio at Nexus Lounge this past fall. The accomplished DJ and producer shared captivating insights into his musical odyssey. From collaborative ventures with the industry’s elite to his roots in Italy, the conversation unveiled the multifaceted artist behind the beats.

Rudeejay’s journey, which commenced in 2002, has been extraordinary. His collaborations with icons like Tiësto, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, and more speak volumes, but the interview delved deeper into the passion and dedication that fuel his artistic endeavors.


The discussion touched upon the profound connection between Italian culture and Rudeejay’s love for EDM. A pivotal moment in 1998, fueled by a compilation CD featuring tracks from Italian radio shows, was recounted. The enduring influence of 90s dance music in Italy and its continued impact on Rudeejay’s creativity became apparent.

As the conversation shifted to the evolving landscape of music production in the Spotify era, Rudeejay emphasized the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity. He shed light on the challenges artists face in managing social media alongside their core business of delivering the perfect track at the right moment.

The interview also peeled back the layers of Rudeejay’s side. From humorous anecdotes about his most embarrassing song – a playful mashup of “Barbie Girl” and “Levels” by Avicii – to reflections on the quirky world of 90s music videos, the DJ provided a glimpse into the lighter aspects of his musical journey.

In a charming segment, Rudeejay shared childhood pranks and his unusual food preference – pasta with milk. These personal touches added a layer of relatability to the artist, connecting fans more intimately.

Rudeejay’s Nexus Lounge interview was a mosaic of career reflections, personal anecdotes, and industry insights. As fans seek a deeper understanding of the artist beyond the stage, the full interview promises a rich exploration of Rudeejay’s musical passion and the vibrant tapestry that colors his artistic canvas.

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