Sam Allan Reveals Upcoming Projects and Personal Passions

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In an engaging audio interview with Farius from Nexus Radio at the Phillips Space during the Nexus Lounge Miami Edition, Sam Allan shared his vibrant experience at Miami Music Week. He highlighted his networking activities and an exciting upcoming performance at Wynwood with Head Studios.

Sam delved into his future music plans, unveiling solo projects infused with progressive and ethnic music elements. He also touched upon his background and musical influences, citing Paul Van Dyk and Space Motion as major inspirations. Beyond music, Sam revealed his passion for ice hockey, recounting memories of playing in New York City and following the sport avidly despite being from the UK.

Sam Allan

The interview took a fun turn with a “Take 5” segment in which Sam discussed his favorite movie soundtrack, “Dark Knight,” his cherished childhood toy, Big Wheels, and his enduring love for ice hockey. Sam’s lighthearted banter about the unique aspects of ice hockey, including the sport’s allowance of fighting, added a unique charm to the conversation.

As the discussion wrapped up, Sam expressed his excitement for his upcoming headlining performance at Marquee in New York City. The interview concluded with Sam’s heartfelt gratitude and enthusiasm for the future.

For fans eager to dive deeper into Sam Allan’s world, be sure to listen to the full interview.

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