Sam Feldt Talks Sustainable Products, New Single with Rozes.

On the eve of releasing his joyous track One Day, a collaboration with big-room artist Yves V and American singer Rozes, Dutch deep-house composer Sam Feldt speaks to Rons in the BPM Supreme-Nexus Radio Lounge during Miami Music Week 2019.

In a free-flowing chat with Nexus Radio, Sam Feldt shared the inspiration behind his newest track One Day, “Yves V sent me this really cool vocal, and I immediately loved it. We got into the studio and we made a track and it’s a quintessential Sam Feldt summer track”

Sam admits being unsure how his fans were going to accept his runaway hit Gold with Dance Music superstar Kate Ryan:

“…It’s (Gold) doing really well actually. I didn’t know what to expect. You know, Kate Ryan, of course, is a big superstar from my youth and working with her was an honor, and also very interesting because the song is very different from what she used to put out. I think this is much more of a mature indie type of sound, so I didn’t know what the fans were going to say, and actually the response has been really good. It’s still at like a hundred thousand streams a day, which is great because it’s been out for a couple months now.”

Sam Feldt shared our passion about promoting a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet. Asked about one ridiculous thing he would like to add to his artist rider, he responded ‘no plastic disposables. Everything has to be glass!’

To learn more on his all-live instruments shows, which things make him laugh the most, his favorite way to relax and upcoming shows. Listen to Sam Feldt’s full interview below!

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