Sensational Disco Group The Weather Girls Make a Big Comeback with a Feel-Good Christmas

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The Weather Girls, an American female duo, lit up the room as we interviewed one of them at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. Dynelle Rhodes talks about her ADE experience and latest project and participates in our Take 5 series!

The Origins of The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls, originally Martha Wash and Izora Armstead, began in the 1970s as backup singers for Sylvester. Due to their generous proportions, they formed the duo Two Tons o’ Fun (also known as the Two Tons). They later changed their name to the Weather Girls and signed with Columbia, where they achieved their ultimate success with “It’s Raining Men,” a 1982 song that was immediately embraced by the LGTBQ community as the iconographic camp song. The Weather Girls’ version didn’t make the Top 40, but it did top the disco and dance charts.

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Upon releasing the dance-oriented album The Weather Girls (1988), the duo separated but remained on good terms. Martha Wash became a solo singer and session vocalist, while Izora Armstead later rebirthed the Weather Girls with her daughter, Dynelle Rhodes. After Armstead died in 2004, Rhodes continued to produce and perform as The Weather Girls with fellow singer Dorrey Lyles.

The Rebirth of The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls are now comprised of original member Izora Armstead’s daughter and Dorrey Lyles, two spectacular artists who keep the group’s spirit alive by continuing to record and perform at clubs and festivals worldwide, including the most recent Amsterdam Dance Event. “You know what? It is like a beautiful change. I’m excited. I’m glad to be here, honey, and just get back and tell the music.” Dynelle says.

What's New?

The Weather Girls have created musical magic for Christmas with “Celebrate Christmas,” a feelgood song in collaboration with Swedes Gunn and Blizz Bugaddi. Gunn first encountered The Weather Girls in 2018 when they performed on the same stage at Wien Pride. They hit it off right away and thus began a wonderful friendship. Gunn started to book them for various gigs in Sweden, and they were already discussing a musical collaboration. Meanwhile, Blizz Bugaddi wanted to meet Christmas with the pop side of the disco genre, so “Celebrate Christmas” was born. The new song is now available on Spotify and Apple Music, and it is The Weather Girls’ first major release in nearly 34 years. “Joy, laughter, and peace, honey. We eat it all,” the singer jokes as she describes their newest track.

Take 5 with Dynelle Rhodes

Despite her jolly persona, Dynelle Rhodes was a quiet kid. When asked if she ever got into trouble at elementary school, she answered, “no. I was a good kid. You know, I always stayed to myself. And when it came to fights and stuff, I was too scared to fight. I just did not like violence. Until one day, this girl slapped me, and all hell broke.”

To learn more about Dynelle Rhodes, including what she does to maintain a positive mental health space, listen to our full interview below!

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