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Joining us in the G-shock popup studio at the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam, we spoke with Seth Hills about his changing taste in music, his time at STMPD RCRDS, and the best advice he ever received from industry legend Martin Garrix.

Known for his explosive tracks that light up the dance floor with boundless energy, Seth Hills has spent years crafting a unique, epic, that’s dynamic sound. Perhaps best known for his collaborations with artists like Julian Jordan, ALBA, and LOOPERS, his original style has drawn a crowd of fans to await his next project eagerly.

Seth Hills

But what exactly can they expect from that next project? While he hinted that it would be something big, Hills was tight-lipped about the exact details. That said, he did hint that the project is in collaboration with a fellow artist and described it as the “biggest project ever so far in my life.”

For those who simply can’t wait however, they can always tide themselves over with his latest single “Eclipse”. Pushing his classic sound to new levels, “Eclipse” is just the kind of innovative track Hills has become known for.

Of course, all artists develop their sound over time and Hills is no different, which is why we asked how he felt his music taste had changed over the years. His answers weren’t quite what we were expecting.

“I don’t really listen. I make dance music, especially love music. I don’t listen to dance music that much. I can like a track and then I get almost obsessed with it and I listen to it like 40 times a day for weeks, and then I’m done… In general I’d say I listen to a lot of different stuff like pop, urban, whatever. As long as I like it production-wise.”

Then again, perhaps it’s not so shocking that someone so familiar with the production side of music would feel that way. Of course, working with STMPD RCRDS, Hills has had plenty of chances to work with one of the best in the industry and all that time spent with Martin Garrix has definitely paid off. That said, when asked about the best advice he’d ever received from Garrix his response was simple and wholesome.

“Be yourself and don’t get distracted. Don’t try to prove yourself to anyone. Just do your thing. Like you’re you. That’s the thing.”

If you’d like to learn more about Seth Hills, his journey as an artist, his dream session to sit in on, and the prank that could have gotten him into major trouble, then go ahead and check out the full Nexus Radio interview below

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