Seth Hills: The House Maestro Returns To The Club Scene

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Seth Hills joined us at the Bowers & Wilkins popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam. In our interview with Seth Hills, we discuss his return to the club music scene and fire through our Take-5 question series.
When it comes to young and rising talent, few ticked all the boxes quite like the House maestro Seth Hills. Beginning his electronic music journey at the age of 15, Seth discovered a love and skill for DJing and producing. In the nine years since that time, the 24-year-old has received worldwide support from fans and peers alike.
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Seth Hills – AKA Sergio van den Heuvel – has released hit after hit since 2016, but his magnum opus (thus far) is 2018’s “Fire”, which saw 3 million streams in six months. This immediate success led him on a quickfire trajectory to the top with some of the great trance DJs of our time – Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack to name a few – supporting his music. His energetic performances outside of the studio have also brought his infectious House hits to infamous electronic dance events such as Tomorrowland and Emporium.
Given the world has regained the ability to breathe again post-pandemic, clubs are back open in full force, and Seth Hills has been prioritizing that. He has bounced off his return to the club music scene with the infectious hit “Losing Ground” with Alba, and according to Seth, it took some time to see the light of day. Despite being created in February, the track was not played live until Seth Hill’s performance at the iconic Tomorrowland festival later in the year.

“If you have a new track and you play it somewhere for the first time, it’s always going to stick with you the first time you play it,” Seth says. “It’s like a certain memory, and it won’t go away. With this specific track, it had to be just [played at] Tomorrowland because it just fitted the vibe; I like it so much more now, even after Tomorrowland, it was so good.”

Responding to our quickfire Take-5 question series, Seth Hills was prepared for all we could throw at him. First, he’d explain electronic music to someone who is deaf by using words in the form of dancing in a very poetic and fitting response. Then, in a zombie apocalypse, he would go to the top floor of his apartment with an AK-47 and “wait for it to come”; with plenty of food, of course.
He also shares his close connection with his dog. “Sometimes I just talk to my dog and [be] like ‘Bro, I know nobody’s here. Just talk to me now, nobody will hear you, just be honest’”, he says. “And sometimes he looks at me [and] I’m like ‘I know you can understand me.’”
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