Sia Talks Writing “Diamonds” and “Titanium” In Minutes


Sia Talks Writing “Diamonds” and “Titanium” In Minutes

music_qa_siajpg_dde0As a writer for many chart topping singers like Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Flo Rida, and Rihanna, Sia is more than acknowledged as a hit making genius.

The multitalented Australian has had a hand in hits like “Pretty Hurts,” “Titanium,” and “Diamonds” among others, writing both “Diamonds” and “Titanium” in a matter of minutes.

Sia told The New York Times that the song “Diamonds” that was ultimately sung and released by Rihanna was written in exactly 14 minutes.

Rihanna ended up following Sia’s demo vocal to reflect it exactly as it was presented to her.

Sia said “[Rihanna] could’ve done it her own way, but I think she really genuinely liked the way it was.”

And her talents as both a singer and songwriter have merged, as seen in the song “Titanium” where her vocals were featured in David Guetta’s production.

Sia said that she wrote the hit in a matter of 40 minutes, a song that was intended to feature Alicia Keys.

But when it came time for David Guetta to actually find a replacement for Sia’s vocals, he decided it against it.

The song that she wrote in less than an hour that wasn’t even intended to feature her vocals made Sia, at first, “upset about it, because electronic dance music is not [her] kind of music.”

But those forty minutes of songwriting were vital.

“It turned out to help my career as a songwriter” said Sia.

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