Sick Individuals: How The Dutch DJ Duo Became ADE Alumni

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Joining us at the HeyDude popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, we sat down with Dutch Dance Duo Sick Individuals to talk about their latest single (“Waste My Time”) and the journey to ADE 2023.

When Rinze “Ray” Hofstee and Joep “Jim” Smeele first met in 2008, they had big dreams. With a shared interest in classical music and modern EDM, they quickly became friends, and from there, it wasn’t long before Sick Individuals was born.

Sick Individuals

They’ve come a long way since their early days, and much has changed. Describing their first Amsterdam Dance Event, it’s clear that the pair weren’t afraid of a little hard work if it meant getting their music into the right hands.

“When we first started doing ADE, we were on the street between two hotels where the conferences were. We didn’t have enough money to attend these conferences… but you had all these A&R managers walking around with yellow key chords.”

Where some might have seen a barrier, they saw an opportunity and took to the street handing out CDs. It may have been a gamble, but ultimately, that kind of attitude got them where they are today. Over time they went from handing out CDs to handing out USBs and eventually to an official Madonna remix.

Describing the remix as their most excellent and most challenging work, the pair said how proud they were to have worked with her, noting the creative freedom they were allowed on the project.

Of course, ADE is a very different experience these days but exciting nonetheless. “A lot of Dutch DJs are friends,” they said, speaking to ADE’s excellent community atmosphere. “It’s nice to meet everybody here.”

Not that ADE is the only event they’ve been enjoying lately. The duo also noted that they’ve been hosting an annual silent disco for campers at the UK’s Creamfields festival. With an audience of 6000 die-hard music-lovers, the event gives them a great chance to share their music with some of the most enthusiastic fans.

Live shows aside, Sick Individuals has been working hard lately on some excellent original music. Their latest track, “Waste My Time” – out on Spinnin’ Records – is a cross between an emotional anthem and a deep dance beat. Produced in collaboration with fellow Dutch DJ Madism, the track is an excellent showcase of Sick Individuals’ modern, energetic sound.

If you’d like to learn more about Sick Individuals, their latest projects, alter ego, and industry experiences, be sure to check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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