Rumors are swirling about a possible collaboration between Sigala and none other than Mariah Carey. The 24-year-old British DJ and producer allegedly caught someone’s attention after sampling the R&B star’s hit song “Always Be My Baby” in his own production “Say You Do” without permission. It seems as though Maria’s team is taking the high road however, they allegedly reached out to the British producer for a possible future collaboration.

Sigala, whose real name is Bruce Fielder has never been shy to admit that he reaches out to pop stars now and then, and he hinted that a collaboration maybe in the works in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper “She’s a complete legend so I’d love for that (collaboration) to happen .” So we have good reason to believe this collaboration is going to happen.

Sigala first entered the Nexus charts with the breakout hit “Easy Love. ” The lead vocals were taken from then 11-year old Michael Jackson. Sigala’s rendition discussed the unexpected success of that record with BANG Showbiz, “I just assumed the original was a number one but it actually only got to like number eight … I wasn’t nervous about it, but I didn’t realize it would become this monster of a tune so I didn’t think about it at all, I just thought it would be a giggle and just did it.”