Six M-22 Tracks to Make the Soundtrack to Your Summer


Six M-22 Tracks to Make the Soundtrack to Your Summer

With warm weather’s slow but steady arrival to the Northern Hemisphere, we here at Nexus Radio have our eyes set on summer. For many EDM heads and techno fans worldwide, summer means festival season, outdoor concerts, life-long memories, and, of course, incredible music.

There are few artists that capture the essence of summer quite like M-22, the London-based music production duo consisting of DJ’s Matt James and Frank.

This week, we are taking a look at six of M-22’s tracks that we think would make the perfect addition to your summer 2023 playlists.

First Time ft. Medina

Euphoric and light, and with an infectious dance beat evoking flirtatious energy and newfound romance, “First Time” is a track that immediately makes us think of summer. Released in December of 2017 and featuring vocals by the incredible Medina, “First Time” is an early collaboration of M-22’s that is ideally suited to soundtrack an evening out dancing or adventuring with your friends.

Solo (feat. Demi Lovato) [M-22 Remix]

We love Clean Bandit’s original featuring the vocals of Demi Lovato, but the M-22 remix of “Solo” is the perfect combination of complex and sweet, reworking the track into something unique. While the lyrics are about getting over a breakup, the energy infused by M-22’s production inspires us to forget the past and look toward the future.

How Does It Feel

With lyrics like “Got my feet firm on the ground / Set sail, the ocean’s calling / To find a land unfound,” “How Does It Feel” is the ultimate summer anthem. Offering some sick synth work and an expertly-tuned drum machine, queue this track, and within seconds, you’ll find yourself uplifted, ready to dance, and forget all your troubles.

Bedroom Eyes (feat. Studio Killers) [M-22 Remix]

We’ve already featured one M-22 remix on this list, but this reworking of “Bedroom Eyes”—originally by The Knocks and featuring the Studio Killers—is one of our all-time favorites. Light, lyrical, and with an infectious forward momentum, “Bedroom Eyes” is the ultimate addition to your summer playlist.

Need You There

This relatively recent—think 2021—release by M-22 is similar to the rest of the duo’s discography. Simple and practical, the track features a bare-bones production that zaps us straight into the heat of the summer—and with a vocal line that acts more as an addition to the track’s texture than as its focus, it’s perfectly suitable to a variety of experiences and vibes.

Heartstrings (feat. Ella Henderson)

While “Heartstrings” might be a little bit of a sad-girl anthem, we can’t deny that M-22’s excellent production perfectly suits a party this summer. The most recent release by this duo, “Heartstrings,” features the vocals of Ella Henderson and an addictive four-on-the-floor beat that will get you up and dancing this summer…even if you’re a little heartbroken.

To hear these tracks and tons more by M-22, keep listening to Nexus Radio.

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