Six Projects That Defined Benny Benassi’s Career


Six Projects That Defined Benny Benassi’s Career

Italy has always been a front-runner in the electro-house scene and if there’s one artist who’s spent the best part of their career leading the charge, it’s Benny Benassi. As a DJ, record producer, and major musical innovator, Benassi’s career has spanned nearly forty years, reshaping the industry in his wake.

Today, we’ll be looking at six defining moments from Benassi’s career that not only shaped his sound but helped to develop the wider genre as we know it.


While Benassi’s career began all the way back in the 80s, first as a DJ and then working in a production studio, his rise to fame began in earnest in the early 2000s with the release of his single “I Feel So Fine” (2001), shortly followed by his debut album Hypnotica (2003).

Working with Paul French and Violeta, the album combines elements of house and electroclash music. While Benassi would go on to develop his sound further over time, you can already see his playfully creative approach to genre in action.


Where Hypnotica introduced the world to Benassi’s distinctive style, Pumphonia was the first release by the iconic Benassi Bros duo. Working with his cousin Alle, Benassi proved how effective he could be as part of an ensemble alongside his solo career.

In particular, the album’s opening track, “Illusion” found a natural home in the American club scene, introducing the brothers to an even wider audience.

Pump-Kin Music

When it comes to Benassi’s approach to the industry, it’s hard to think of a more defining moment in his career than the founding of Pump-Kin music. Established to bring wider exposure to lesser-known DJs and producers, the label is just another example of how Benassi has used his influence to help give back to the industry overall.

Bring The Noise Remix

Alongside his original music, Benassi has always had a reputation for being one of the industry’s best remix artists, and that reputation owes a lot to his fantastic 2008 remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise”. Catchy and distinctive, Benassi’s take on the iconic track drew international interest from music fans, ultimately winning him a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording.


If you’re looking for a track that shows Benassi’s style at its fullest, then “Electroman” is the place to start. This 2011 hit was released when Benassi’s name was already well-known and, in many ways, feels like the culmination of much of his development. Energetic, exciting, and distinctly modern, the song is electronic music and a timeless dancefloor classic.


Last but certainly not least, we wanted to thank Benassi’s outstanding pandemic virtual tour, Panorama. With performances taking place in various exotic and exciting locations, the tour was yet another showcase of how Benassi’s creativity can adapt to fit any situation necessary.

Be it Verona or Venice, Benny Benassi always brings his all.

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