Slowly But Surely: Patience is the Key to MORTEN’s Hard-Earned Success

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Danish DJ and producer MORTEN joined us at the BPM Supreme popup studio during Nexus Lounge Miami. He talks about his latest project, his rituals during Miami Music Week, and takes part in our Take 5 series.
The quote tattooed on his chest perfectly sums up everything: “If music is the food of love, play on.” MORTEN’s love for music began when he was young. He began DJing when he was 14 years old, and his love of music has guided him through all he has done since then. MORTEN, like many DJs, began his career by performing at local venues in Aarhus, a city steeped in Viking heritage and history in central Denmark. MORTEN became a professional artist at age 19. His technical ability, dynamic stage presence, and distinct sound swiftly elevated him to one of Scandinavia’s most sought-after DJs, regularly performing at the world’s most prominent events.
MORTEN has been working in the dance music industry for over two decades, and just like a fine wine, he has gotten better with age. Thanks to his Future Rave collaborations with the renowned David Guetta, he’s suddenly surged in popularity and exposure.
“I started this project with David Guetta called Future Rave, and this is taking all my time. I’m very excited about what we are working on, and I’m very excited about premiering new music and keeping developing and keeping people engaged and excited. So this is everything for me right now.”
Future Rave is a hybrid of techno and progressive house with strong melodic arpeggiators, thick basslines, and snappy percussion, created by David Guetta and MORTEN.
MORTEN’s outstanding production talents and inimitable vibe during his performances haven’t gone unnoticed by the dance media and fans. A few months ago, he entered the DJ Mag Top 100 Awards 2021 as the highest newcomer. The rising superstar DJ, who came in at #39 in the poll, received his prize during the AMF Presents Top 100 DJs ceremony.
In our Take 5 questions, we got to know the DJ better. When asked what lesson he had to learn the hard way, he replied,

"Patience. Be patient. I stressed for many years about where I was going as a person and where I was going with my career. And I think one thing that we need to learn is that when things happen to you, it needs to happen for a reason. And we cannot push this process. So I wish I'd known better to be patient and work hard, and then things will come."

To learn more about MORTEN, including his thoughts on how important lyrics are to a successful song, listen to our full interview below.


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