Snavs Explains Title of his New Album ‘SS18’

Snavs joined us at the Big Joe® Lounge during Nexus Radio’s red-carpet event to talk about his plans for his first-ever Miami Music Week, his new album ‘SS18’, and to take our ‘take 5’ quiz.

The Denmark-based DJ and producer has scored multiple remixes with the Pegboard Nerds and has released a successful single called “Time” on Monstercat Records. He is now releasing music on Spinnin’ Records as well.

Snavs is a big fan of comedy; when asked to name three celebrities that he would invite to an imaginary dinner party- he chose Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey and Emily Ratajkowki to sweeten his dream experience:

“I would like to go with Will Ferrell maybe, Emily Ratajkowki because she’s hot, and the last one maybe Jim Carrey. It will be a fun dinner for sure”

Snavs expressed that he’s been very busy touring, but there was one stop in particular that tops the list of his proudest moments.

“I think it was a festival in Thailand with like 15,000 people- that was insane.”

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But don’t expect Snavs to retire in Thailand or The Bahamas or Bora Bora anytime soon. When asked to name a country or destination that he would spend the rest of his life in, he opted for is home country of Denmark, where his girlfriend and family reside.

To learn more about Snavs including which song he would listen to on repeat for the rest of his life and more, click on the full audio interview below↓

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