Something Beautiful: Eric Lumiere Spreads “Light” and Love Through His Music


Something Beautiful: Eric Lumiere Spreads “Light” and Love Through His Music

An Introduction to Eric Lumiere

Eric Lumiere is a well-known recording artist and songwriter with top 40 hits in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. He rose to prominence as a dance music artist and top-liner after a classmate suggested that he create a trance remake of one of his acoustic songs. “Anthem” became a hit, peaking at number 38 on the UK top 100 and number one on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart.

Eric Lumiere, renowned as one of the “best male vocalists” in dance music, has become a dominant force since the beginning of his career. Eric has also broken into the pop industry and is a popular vocalist/songwriter in the EDM scene.

With Eric constantly writing for himself and other singers, it’s a matter of time before mainstream radio supporters everywhere hear his meaningful songwriting and splendid, powerful voice. Eric is based in Los Angeles and regularly travels to the UK, Holland, Nashville, Sweden, and Germany for collaborations and rehearsals.

The Story Behind “Something Beautiful”

Eric collaborated with Tritonal in mid-2022 to create a musical masterpiece titled “Something Beautiful,” which topped the charts on Nexus Radio for two consecutive weeks in January 2023. The song makes an atmospheric soundscape ringed by glistening textures, head-nodding beats, and laser-guided synth lines, all while Eric sings about balancing light and darkness.

The song came to life during a songwriting camp, where the duo’s creativity and connection to music were ignited. “We had these beautiful quotes they gave to inspire us. I don’t know or remember how it happened, but it could be viewed as a relationship. It’s like we all want to have that experience of being close to what we consider beautiful in our lives. And I think as we get closer to these things, whether they’re a person in a relationship, or something else, it is scary because we have to open up and be more vulnerable. After all, we have something we could lose. So it’s scary, but it’s also the greatest feeling and the greatest experience.”

Eric Lumiere followed up with a single, again with Tritonal, titled “Live in the Sky.”

Eric Lumiere

Getting to Know Eric Lumiere a Little Better

As the interview proceeds, it becomes clear that Eric Lumiere is a sensitive man on the inside and out. When asked the funniest instance he got hurt, he answered, “I’m still physically sensitive. So if I hurt myself just a little, I’m like, aargh! I’m not the tough guy that some people are. So it’s pretty funny because my wife’s way tougher than me, so I guess that’s where the humor is.”

What’s Next for Eric Lumiere?

After spending many years as a featured artist and songwriter in dance and pop music, Eric Lumiere decided to devote more time to his musical project, LUMIERE, which means “light” in French. Fittingly, his purpose with music and life has always been to spread love and light; to uplift, inspire, and encourage people. He is so thankful that he can share these wonderful qualities and experiences through music and everything he does.

Recently, Eric held a 45-minute virtual meeting on Zoom that anyone could join. The session was intended to be a safe haven for fans to express themselves creatively in a light and loving environment.

Alongside Eric spreading positive energy is his popular dog Fenix, who has amassed 200,000 followers on Instagram and 2.2 million on TikTok. Amidst having a brain disorder, Fenix now provides guidance and comfort for those suffering from mental illnesses, and he is receiving comfort reservations for this purpose.

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