Sophie Francis #ADE 2017

Listening to Sophie Francis, you can hear and feel her wonderful energy; it’s not just the triple espresso talking.  Since graduation this year, she’s toured Asia twice and is about to head back again.

As such a young artist, Sophie is having as much fun exploring musical styles as she is exploring the world.  Her earliest tracks were aggressive bangers, and since signing to Spinnin, she’s developed a more trop-pop sound.  “I like making what I feel” and “don’t have one particular style that I really like, which is good because I am young and it can change a lot.”  Her newest track “Get Over It” on Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike’s label is a banger which totally flips the script.   

Even though she was working on just three hours of sleep because of the madness of the Amsterdam Dance Event, Sophie was really excited to talk about her upcoming collaboration with Aiden O’ Brien, playing piano, and making a track with her own voice.   

With her new weekly show on Radio FG,  Sophie becomes that rare quadruple threat – DJ, producer, singer, and radio host.  Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for what’s coming from Sophie Francis.

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