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Stealth: Getting on the FIFA Soundtrack was a Boyhood Dream

Hailing from the U.K., singer-songwriter Stealth dropped in for a brief interview at the  Lounge  during ADE. The  artist was in to convene with his writing camp, to conduct a few meetings and singing sessions.

The singer-songwriter described the news about his single “Truth Is” being selected as one of  official soundtracks as his “boyhood dream.”

“I had recently one of my tracks “Truth Is” landed on the soundtrack so that’s like a “boyhood dream,” which is really good. Yeah! And it’s all kind of cooking along. I’ve got my next single coming out, I think next week as well.”


Stealth mentioned his upcoming EP “Chorus” will feature a song he wrote many years ago called “Won’t See Me Cry.

“I wrote it years and years ago. I wrote it with a guy called Jerry Abbott who did a lot with Pixie Lott and Grant Black, whose dad actually wrote Are Forever.”


Listen along as Stealth answers a few ridiculous questions we like to call “.” Find out which celebrity he’d take with him on a one-way ticket to Mars and more.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Stealth during ADE.

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