Steff da Campo Lights Up ADE 2023 with Electrifying Performance and Contagious Laughter

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Dutch DJ Steff da Campo infused the KEF popup studio at Nexus Lounge Amsterdam with his contagious laughter and vibrant persona. He shared insights into his music production process, discussed his most recent release, and participated in our Take 5 series!

Steff Da Campo’s journey into music began at a later age. ” I was more a designer. So I did graphics. I wanted to work for artists,” the DJ reminisced about his journey as a graphic designer. But his fate had other plans. The vibrant EDM scene in the Netherlands lured him in, and the rest is history.

Steff da Campo

Today, Steff Da Campo’s sound is like a sonic cocktail that blends the best ingredients from the EDM universe. Imagine a dash of future house, a splash of bass house, and a generous pour of feel-good vibes – that’s the Steff Da Campo recipe for getting the party started.

From the festival anthem “Make Me Feel” to the bass-heavy banger “Why Boy,” each track is a testament to his musical prowess. But it’s not all serious beats and studio solitude – Steff brings a playful spirit to his music, infusing it with a sense of musical magic that keeps listeners on their toes. “When you put a clap in, you have to work on it for 10 minutes. You have to work on every fucking single thing.”

As for Steff da Campo’s latest release, he collaborated with Adam De Great to rework “Knight Rider” on Musical Freedom. “It’s a funny story. I don’t have a jacket now, but I always make jackets. And I also have Knight Rider jackets. And he’s like, ‘What is night rider? He didn’t know; it’s a man thing,” the DJ joked about his brother.

 Released as a single in 2018, “Knight Rider” quickly gained traction in the EDM scene, becoming a fan favorite and earning critical acclaim. The track pays homage to the iconic ’80s television series of the same name, known for its sleek, high-tech car and pulsating electronic soundtrack. Steff Da Campo transforms the essence of “Knight Rider” into a contemporary dance anthem that resonates with nostalgic enthusiasts and new-age EDM aficionados.

Steff Da Campo’s prowess extends beyond the studio and into the live arena. Known for his electrifying performances, he has graced stages at major festivals and clubs worldwide, leaving audiences captivated by his energy and stage presence. Even during the recent ADE, Steff da Campo set the stage on fire. His ability to connect with the crowd and his relentless enthusiasm for his craft make each of his performances an unforgettable experience.

The funny thing is Steff da Campo’s unforgettable experience also happened at a festival. ” I was just coming up. I had to open it because you’re not big. And the biggest name was in the end. But he was so drunk. I went backstage and I was grabbing a beer. And then the great big DJ manager said, ‘Steff, can you finish the set for him?” In the end, Steff had to close that performance in front of a thousand people without preparation! Impressive!

 For an in-depth exploration of Steff da Campo’s musical evolution and preferences, listen to our full interview below!

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