It’s no secret Steve Aoki supports Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton. He’s tweeted pro-Clinton and anti-Trump messages to his close to 5 million followers. He has snapped shots with the Senator and her former President husband at the third Presidential debate. Now the daredevil EDM producer joins the ranks of Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and others who have taken part in the “Love Trumps Hate” series.

The Grammy-nominated Steve Aoki on Thursday (03 Nov), pumped up a crowd of about 400 people at UNLV’s Cox Pavilion to vote for Hillary Clinton. It was a bass-heavy concert — which included new music from Aoki, and familiar remixes, including a sing-along rework of Nirvana’s ’90s hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and a couple of blink-182 songs — and served as a battle cry for young voters to get to the polls on Friday for the state’s last day of early voting or on Tuesday, Election Day.

Congressional candidate Ruben Kihuen joked to the crowd that he, Cortez Masto, and Clinton debated backstage over who Aoki should “cake” during the rally, though no politicians ultimately had cakes lobbed at them in typical Aoki fashion during the rally. It was only after Clinton, Cortez Masto, and Kihuen made their pitches that the lights went out, the glow sticks came out, and the bass dropped — and the campaign rally officially turned into a rave. Aoki also eventually ended up “caking” a top Nevada Clinton campaign staffer.

Aoki stopped the music midset to send the event’s message home about voting. “All your friends are not voting. That’s the truth,” he told the crowd. “So you need to get your friends together and go vote.”