Stunning Sounds with Emma Hewitt – A Nexus Radio Interview

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At this year’s Miami Music Week, we spoke with singer/songwriter Emma Hewitt at the BPM Supreme popup studio in the Nexus Lounge Miami.
From alt-rock to trance-pop, Emma Hewitt has spent her whole career playing with genres and making the music she wants to make. For the last twenty years, she’s been working in the industry, releasing EDM hits like “Be Your Sound,” “Miss You Paradise,” and her debut single “Carry Me Away.” Now she’s teamed up with Maor Levi and Ilan bluestone to create a trance trio known as Elysian. As if that wasn’t enough, she has a new album coming out soon in which she hopes to bring her rock routes together with some dance remixes.
Emma Hewitt
But how does Emma Hewitt approach her sets? Well, it’s simpler than you might think.

“I mean, it’s mostly my own songs,” says Hewitt, “but I’ll also listen to the instruments to see if I can throw in a few mashups of songs that I’ve heard that I like or other people’s songs over the top.”

It’s probably a good thing that she doesn’t need much prep time because festivals, and Miami Music Week, can feel like a non-stop party for some musicians. “I always get a hangover at some point,” admitted Hewitt when asked if she had any rituals, and let’s face it: she’s not the only one!
But that’s not to say it’s all parties for an artist on tour or that she takes what she has for granted. Listening to Emma Hewitt talk about music, it’s clear that, like all the best musicians, she’s as much a fan as she is an artist:

“Music is everything, right? I feel like music is the soundtrack to our lives, so, for me, all of my memories are intertwined with the music I was listening to at the time… when you hear a song, it takes you right back to that moment.”

Of course, becoming an artist isn’t always an easy one, and there are plenty of potential pitfalls to skirt. In her interview, Hewitt talked freely about her problems with perfectionism.
“Sometimes,” she says, “I hold off on putting something out because I want everything to be perfect, but when I look back, I think I should have just got that album out faster or, ya know, just done it.” Getting your music out there and putting it in front of people is more important than trying to make something flawless, and it seems that’s a lesson Hewitt had to learn the hard way.

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