Suark Defines His Love For Sampling And More

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Suark joined us at the Audionamix popup studio at Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. In our interview, he talks about his upcoming work and his love of sampling and answers our eclectic Take-5 questions.
The famed DJ, born in Geneva and the grandson of Raffaele Paverani, blends house, electronic, and synths to create a sound worthy of shaking the mainstream and underground alike. His dedication to music brought him to release his legendary tracks, Dose and Need Your Love, through the iconic Swiss dance label Enormous Tunes.
Recently, Suark has been incredibly busy. He unleashed a remix with Dub Dogs and Salva and a deep melodic house remix of Leonard Cohen’s iconic track, Hallelujah. He also goes on to describe his general style. “I have a weird style,” he says. “I try to keep in my music, not to bond to a particular style [or] a specific sound because I feel very eclectic in how I approach a song.
In the interview, Suark wastes no time demonstrating his musical knowledge. When asked about the most creative example of sampling he has ever heard, he goes in-depth to explain:

“When they take a riff of maybe a guitar and they completely reinvent the style of that sample, I think is really cool. For example, I try to flip it around, maybe have a sample of a vocal reversed, and put a lot of reverb, and that creates a very nice ambiance, I think. So if you do that with the voice you have on the track and maybe you lower it 5 semitones or 12 semitones, you just cut a bit of the top and the bottom from the EQ… I think it creates a very nice carpet, but it is familiar to the listener because he kind of feels it’s the same voice.”

Suark also wasted no time in getting through our quickfire Take-5 questions. He would love to learn to play the violin magically; there is no doubt it would work well in his uplifting tracks. He would also like to be able to see more people if he could, as “being in the studio alone isn’t the best”. He also notes that he regrets not getting enough sleep recently, which is sure to be a typical comment from DJs of his caliber.
Suark may have been busy with releases this year, but there is no sign of that stopping in the near future. He announces that he is releasing at least two more tracks this year: one at the end of November, another at the end of December, and “maybe there will be another one in December as well.”
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