Sunana: The London-based Duo Spreading Positivity Through Music

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Sunana joined us at the Bowers and Wilkins popup studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam.

The London-based house duo have blitzed the dance scene with their unique blend of house music, Latin influences, a ragga sound, and an upbeat, uplifting beat. Their success has resulted in them playing in a plethora of venues all across the globe, from Wembley Arena in London to Ibiza’s iconic Pacha nightclub.
When asked about important aspects of their sound, both members of Sunana had interesting comments. Ana began:

"I think what's really interesting about our sound is that I come from a classical background and you [Sun] come from a hip-hop background. So we use kind of classical instruments. We use violin, we use brass instruments, but then we also use ragga voices, hip-hop voices, Latin voices, and it's kind of resulted in this sort of Latin house sound. I would probably say the details, the percussion is a really important aspect."

"We love the positive energy; we're trying to live in positive energy. And we really want the people that listen [to] the music to feel that in our sound, you know? The brass and the percussion are really good to express that."

Tying into their comments on positive energy and a focus on percussion and brass, Sunana’s latest track Dámelo showcases all of this. Its uplifting atmosphere and hypnotic drum beat also tie in with some of Sun’s comments on artists or genres they draw inspiration from:

"We think that whatever the genre of music, when it's really true and the composition [and] the production is really with the heart, you can feel it and you can be connected with it… even if sometimes it's absolutely not your genre of music. You feel something, and you feel connected with it."

On a lighter note, entering Nexus’ Take-5 questions Sunana had some light-hearted responses. Sun would spend a day as a lion given the choice, whereas Ana would be her dog Jasper, the cockapoodle, due to his constant state of happiness. In a poetic remark, Ana would describe electronic music as “euphoric” to someone who has never heard it before. “Not to sound cheesy, but I would say it’s more of a feeling”, she says.
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