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Swanky Tunes ADE16

Swanky Tunes, the Russian trio comprised of Dmitry Burykin, Vadim Shpak, and Stanislav Zaytsev were in a celebratory mood when we chatted with them during Dance Event.  They had jumped up 70 spots to number 27 on the list. Which they said would lead to less sleep and more gigs (hopefully).

They like working as a trio because they can produce and tour more effectively, they often have one member stay home while the other two go on tour. This is a winning formula as they do not like producing while on the road. They joked that it also makes their “studio ping-pong” games much more competitive when they re-unite.

If you can’t see them live, check out their weekly Showcase Tunes to hear their latest releases. Their 100th episode which aired last June featured their favorite classics would be a great starting point if you are just learning about Swanky Tunes.

Swanky Tunes entered the Nexus chart with a of Armin Van Buuren’s “Heading Up High,” “Let Me Hold You,” and “No One Knows.” Learn more about them. ↓

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