Swedish House Mafia Meets IKEA: Are You Ready For This Iconic Scandi Team-up?


Swedish House Mafia Meets IKEA: Are You Ready For This Iconic Scandi Team-up?

This October, two of Sweden’s most iconic brands will be getting together to release an unforgettable team-up. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection will not only provide buyers with an excellent quality of affordable furniture. Still, it will do so under the creative influence of one of the world’s most significant EDM groups. But how did this collaboration come together? And what kind of products can fans expect to get their hands on?
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The Origins of OBEGRÄNSAD

When asked about the inspiration for this upcoming project, the Swedish House Mafia stressed the IKEA brand’s influence over their lives. Although we don’t usually think of furniture as a part of the creative process, the band said that they had always “valued the IKEA approach of making things affordable and available for a lot of people.” They also stressed that they hoped the furniture they’d designed would inspire others to be creative in their own right.

What To Expect?

In a word: black. If you’ve seen Swedish House Mafia’s marketing, then you know that they like to keep the color palette as simple as possible, and the OBEGRÄNSAD collection is no exception. Of course, this makes perfect sense because IKEA has always been master of minimalist design principles.
In terms of products, you can expect all the usual home comforts such as rugs, dressers, desks, and so on, but this collection will go a few steps further. For example, electrical goods will include LED lighting, lamps, and a clock. And, of course, it should come as no surprise to anyone, given the project’s musical inspiration, that you’ll also be able to buy an OBEGRÄNSAD record player and record stands.

When Will You Be Able To Get Your Hands On The OBEGRÄNSAD Collection?

Although an official release date has not yet been announced, the collection is expected to come out sometime this October. However, a late autumn release would be a perfect time to redecorate ahead of the holidays, so if you’re looking to get your place looking nice for the winter months, the OBEGRÄNSAD collection could be the way to go.

Could This Be A New Look For Your Home?

Not only is this set one of IKEA’s most stylish runs, but it should also appeal to all music fans. Lovers of Swedish House Mafia will no doubt be excited about this release, but they’re far from the only people who’ll enjoy the collection. This furniture could provide an exciting new look for music fans, creative types, or even folks working from home.
At the end of the day, if you’re looking to improve your productivity, one of the best ways to do that is to improve the space around you. OBEGRÄNSAD has the potential to revitalize your home in a way that will positively impact your everyday life.

Are We Likely To See More Projects Like This In the Future?

Marketing team-ups are nothing new, as is branded merch. While most bands keep their branding to the realm of t-shirts and bags, there are always those looking to push the boat out and try new things. Projects like this one allow people to incorporate their passions into their home life better so that they can always be reminded of the things they love.
What will be next? Who knows? Perhaps your favorite band or artist will release their home furniture collection. Ultimately, it all depends on the interest in this upcoming release. Meanwhile, here at Nexus Radio, we’ll always be excited to see new and original approaches to creativity finding its place in the world.

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