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In the dynamic realm of electronic music, Sylve & Simon emerge as a refreshing and innovative force. Passionate about music since their adolescence, the duo decided to join forces, fusing their distinct musical tastes and experiences to create something entirely new.

The heart of their sound lies in the fusion of dark, club-oriented beats with the emotional depth and freshness of pop. Drawing inspiration from the Dutch and international music scene, their music weaves techno textures and sounds into arrangements that subtly nod to the major hits of pop radio.

Sylve & Simon

In 2023, they made waves with their release, ‘Forget You,’ a track that swiftly gained popularity among both the general audience and fellow producers. The renowned ‘Spinnin’ Records’ even reposted it on the day of its release, a testament to its instant appeal.

Not resting on their laurels, Sylve & Simon reinvented themselves towards the end of the year with the release of ‘Addicted To Your Heart,’ a more aggressive track that soared to the impressive #6 position on ‘Beatport’s Best New Hype Mainstage’ chart. The dynamic nature of their music showcases their ability to traverse different sonic landscapes while maintaining their signature style.

Adding to their list of accomplishments in 2023, the duo participated in the prestigious ‘ADE’ (Amsterdam Dance Event), where they performed at multiple dates and venues and forged numerous new friendships and professional relationships. Their Dutch experience culminated in an exclusive interview on Nexus Radio, offering fans a glimpse into the minds behind the beats.

During the Nexus Lounge interview at the KEF Pop-Up Studio, Sylve & Simon delved into their journey, discussing topics ranging from their dreams of becoming better producers and DJs to the intricacies of music production and live performances. The duo shared insights into their creative process, from drafting chords and melodies to the unexpected and unusual experiences of performing at clubs.

A standout moment in the interview was their discussion about their venture into the hyper-techno scene and the release of several remixes on ‘Soundcloud,’ showcasing their versatility and eagerness to explore new sonic territories.

Sylve & Simon

As the conversation unfolded, it became evident that Sylve & Simon’s passion for music is not just confined to the studio but extends to the electrifying atmosphere of live performances. Their dedication to evolving as artists was palpable, making the interview a must-listen for fans eager to get a closer look at the duo’s creative journey.

Sylve & Simon’s Nexus Lounge interview offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the minds of two artists shaping the future of electronic music. The synergy of their collaboration and relentless pursuit of innovation positions them as trailblazers in the industry. For fans and music enthusiasts alike, the full interview is a treasure trove of insights, anecdotes, and, most importantly, the beats that fuel their creative fire. Don’t miss out—immerse yourself in the world of Sylve & Simon by listening to the full interview now.

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