Take 5 with Anabel Englund: Miami Music Week 2017

Anabel Englund is one of the coolest people you might ever get the chance to meet.  She teamed up with her brother and friends to throw a warehouse party in Los Angeles.  Called Gary Safari, the fête was a mix of DJs and live vocals that became an instant sensation.  They immediately got offers to bring the party to New York, Miami, anabel englund bodyand Ecuador.  I am “trying to wrap my head around the fact that we get to throw it in Miami during Music week and there is so much competition.”   Her debut solo single was called “London Headache,” and when asked what her Miami headache was, she said “throwing a party on a rooftop when there is 70 percent chance of storms.” 

Of course, fear of storms won’t stop Anabel.  Actually, nothing will stop Anabel.  She takes the advice of her grandmother, Academy Award-winning actress Cloris Leachman to heart.  “Just do it, even if you are scared.  If they ask you to sing, you better sing.”  Performing is “such a takeover, you’ve got to own it, do it and commit – that’s the best you can do.”

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