Take 5 with Bingo Players: Miami Music Week 2017

One of the best parties of Miami Music Week is always Bingo Beach.  Bingo Players bring a strong lineup and make Nikki Beach the number one place to dance.  Or maybe we should call it the “No. 1  Disco” in honor of their new track.  They started the track back in 2006 but never released it.  “People still were asking, because they love it.” It sounded a bit dated, but they thought “now is a good time to rework and update.”   

The thought of the EDM powerhouse going disco was a little surprising, but “Be With You” really took fans of bingo players body 1Bingo Players for a ride.  I “do what I feel like doing and don’t stick to one genre.”  He loved the demo for “Be With You,” but knew he couldn’t make an “EDM track out of it, so let’s do something that fits.”  He definitely has fun working with vocals, event hunting down a DigiTalker on eBay, a piece of outboard gear that emulated the infamous Daft Punk vocoder.   It is a “pedal for a guitar and not meant to process vocals, but it sounds identical.”

Of course, the Bingo Players aren’t solely focussed on work.  He made a very successful debut on the Beer Pong table at Nikki Beach, but his true love is Zelda and his new Nintendo Switch.  I “brought it on the plane” and played “100 hours on Zelda” and finished it.  He thinks it is the best Zelda game ever and is going back to do all the quests.   You can just picture him lounging in a pair of boxers, drinking a gin and tonic and guiding Link into the Breath of the Wild.

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