Take 5 with Boombox Cartel: Miami Music Week 2017

Boombox Cartel, the duo of Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina, were all over Miami this year.  Well, Americo was.  Jorge wasn’t able to attend because he couldn’t get an artist visa.  It’s a “really tough situation” because Trump “is not letting my people in.” Even with all that stress, Americo’s jovial attitude kept it in perspective.  “Music will keep us going, no matter where we are or are allowed to be.”  

boombox cartel bodyIt is all about the music and their Cartel EP is a sick mix of trap and future bass.  Americo described “Jefe” as “big room trance progressive with a little bit of country influence” and jokingly described “Alamo” as a reminder to “remember the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.”  When asked about his celebrity crush, the immediate answer was his man crush Diplo.  Signed to Mad Decent, Diplo’s label, that’s an obvious answer, but listening to the five track Cartel EP, you can hear the influence through the diverse vibes.

Once you get into the music, the next thing you will notice is his insane glasses.  Americo is proud of his big head and “can’t just throw on Ray Bans” because “they are too delicate.”  The Gentle Monster frames he was rocking “are made of steel.”  While we were taking in his cool frames, we had to find out where he gets all his energy from.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t drink much alcohol, only the occasional screwdriver.  He also doesn’t drink much coffee, aside from the occasional iced coffee or cappuccino.  He drinks water.  Who knew that clean living was his secret?

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