Take 5 with Carta: Miami Music Week 2017

The Chinese EDM scene is exploding and Carta is one of the most talented producers to watch.  The scene is “like it was in the States four years ago, something new, and it is blowing up.”   

Carta’s first exposure to electronic music was “One” by Swedish House Mafia, which he heard on a NOW carta bodycompilation.  It sounded different to him and inspired him.  To this day, SHM would be his dream collaboration.   That might be why he’s helped form the Asian House Mafia.  Together with DJs from India (Shaan, Lost Stories), Korea (Raiden), and Malaysia (Goldfish and Blink), they hang out and support each other as #teamasia.  There “are not many Asian DJs out there, we’ve got to stick together.” 

When asked about the decline of EDM, Carta said that the music “has a purpose for mainstages” where you “can’t play techno or deep house.”  EDM “has its place at the festivals but it is going away commercially.”    With that in mind, he brings a unique international vibe to his track.  Shanghai” was inspired by his home (“I wanted to put it on the map”), and “India” featuring samples from Bollywood music.   The latter is a collaboration with Jetfire and Lost Stories, due out for release this summer.  Up next is his remix of “Candles” by Morgan Page and Steve James and then a radio-friendly pop song called “Love Shouldn’t Be So Hard.”

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