Take 5 with Dante Klein : Miami Music Week 2017

is definitely going “harder” now.  Not sonically, but with his drive and ambition leading him to be more active in the club scene.  Following up the massive single “Let Me Hold You” with Cheat Codes,  he started the year with “Harder” – a trop pop monster with Hailz that exploded on youtube and spotify.   Up next is a banging clubby track and then a future bass / hip hop hybrid with a big artist that he is sworn to secrecy on.

One thing he can’t keep secret is his height.  While his name means “little endurance,” his 6’6” frame presents a unique challenge during his energetic dj sets.  He says that he is “so tall that it looks weird.”  When asked if he could add a taller table to his rider, he politely said it was too soon.  It’s nice to see such a rising talent being so modest.  His height also gets him confused with fellow DJ Mike Williams.  During Amsterdam Dance Event, over 50 people asked if he was Mike Williams.  Though with his recent instagram pictures, he could be a body double for Enrique Iglesias.

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Speaking of instagram, when asked about the rumored relationship, he squashed the marriage story and said he didn’t have a girlfriend.   However, he does love instagram and if you follow him, you will see why.

Though not a marriage, his collaborations with Bakermat are pretty magical.  The two tour together often and make but it probably won’t ever come out as them.  They “have a great flow together” and “do random stuff for themselves and others.’”  Hmm.. could they be the ultimate ghost duo?

That’s just another thing that keeps him busy as he prepares for a big summer of touring.  Before he was writing in and Austin and then he heads back to Amsterdam, followed by shows in Taiwan and Cancun.  He is living the dream and love his fans, just as much as he loves the black coffee that starts his days.

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