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Take 5 with Dark Intensity : Miami Music Week 2017

He’s one of the fastest rising talents in the American scene. He teamed up with an equally talented and upcoming artist Amber Skyes for a powerful new single “This is War.” Together they are skyrocketing up the charts, and thanks to Amber’s raw lyrics and Intensity’s spot-on production together they are turning up the heat this Miami Week.

One thing Intensity is keeping under ice however, is this years schedule which is focused more on networking and WMC panels rather than gigs. 

He was excited to re-connect with old music friends and take a breather from his usual work schedule. A contrast to his routine back in L.A., which he says stays quite busy building up his fan base by releasing two remixes every single week. For DJs and fans wanting to get his latest productions, they can sign up for his new mailing list at

With such an “intense” work schedule back home, it’s no wonder he’s looking for a little down time in Miami. There’s no downtime for his fitness regimen Miami though, his cocktail of choice is a vodka and tonic because of the low caloric value. He mentioned about having a beer belly, but from our view, he had the perfect six pack to rock boxer briefs just like Marky Mark did back in the 90s.  The 90s were a constant theme, with it being the decade he would want to visit in a time machine, and choosing 90’s house diva over as a partner he would like to make music with. Hmm, a new song by and Crystal Waters sounds like a brilliant collaboration that needs to happen!

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