Take 5 with Disco Fries : Miami Music Week 2017

Disco Fries, the electronic music duo made up of Danny Boselovic and Nick Ditri, met at Berklee School of Music and still enjoy making regular pilgrimages there. However, they ONLY go to Boston during the summer months though, they don’t like thinking about the zero degree weather there, especially during Miami Music Week.

This year, they have a lot of new music to showcase. With a plethora of new tracks to choose from, they are set to release a new EP on Enhanced Records later this year and have already been receiving a great response. Using their gigs in Miami, they’ve narrowed down the songs. Details about their collaborations are still hush but they’ve confirmed a new track with Rains, formerly known as Hope Murphy.

Touring is a major part of their life and while they’ve calmed down from the early days when they used to party super hard, “balls to the wall” at every show, they still love bourbon in the form of an Old Fashioned.  Their rider is pretty straight forward: dinner and a fresh pair of socks. If Nick had his way, he would wear new socks every day but is afraid of going to hell for being so wasteful. Danny dreads the six minutes of having to pick socks every morning, not five, but six! That’s one minute too long away from producing.

That kind of jovial / serious dichotomy is also reflected in their respective man crushes. Nick is all about the serious actors – Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone and Sean Penn while Danny would aspire to be Matthew Broderick in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Even their best road story is a mix of their two personalities. They used to tour with a goliath singer called Big Nab. Once in Asia, they all got food poisoning.  The bathing facilities are much smaller and the shower head barely came to Nab’s back. There a lot more to that story, but we’ll leave this one right here!

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