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Take 5 with EDX : Miami Music Week 2017

Italian DJ had one goal in mind when creating his new track “All I know,” and that was to create a “ banger” with a classic house vibe. “All I Know” was the perfect track for jamming down Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, kind of like his last album, but this time he was opting out any future albums due to changing demands. “These days there is no demand for albums, but I’m sure in one way or another I’ll do an EP to give back to the fans” he stated.

EDX was recently tapped to ’s “On My Way.” He indicated that Tiesto was looking for someone to create a club version for the radio-friendly track: “We were going back and forth from trying to do something together, he had this record and he sent it to me and I felt like yeah ‘I can give it an EDX remix fix and freshen it up for the clubs.'” EDX has a lot of love for other producers, including whom he recently worked with. He considers Nora like a sister and someone that shares the same amount of passion and love for as he does.

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