Take 5 with Fenix: Miami Music Week 2017

The fabulous Russian Producer/DJ Fenix exploded on the club scene last year with the massive hit “Satellite.”  His recent remix of Kritikal’s “Stuck Like Glue” is quite a buzz record.

Fenix also accomplished the challenge of remixing himself.  His new single “All Around the World” was originally downtempo and couldn’t be played in clubs.  So he played around with it and did a dance remix.  “It was easy fenix bodybecause I am DJ and know what people want.”   He also knows who he wants or at least has a crush on.  Rihanna is his celebrity crush because she is “so cute and sexy” and “her voice is amazing.”  He would love to remix “Stay” and “Diamonds.”  

Great vocalists are always on his radar.  Fenix has worked with Terri B! and Alicia Madison, with his next single featuring British belter Lisa Williams.   It is “super club and commercial” at the same time.  Though, we look forward to hearing more tracks with singer Chris Casino, if we could only figure out who that really is.

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