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Take 5 with Jonathan Mendelsohn : Miami Music Week 2017

Jonathon Mendelsohn is known for his soulful collaborations with trance legends such as . He doesn’t drink alcohol, preferring to get sauced up on sugar with a Shirley Temple, like he used to do at all the Bar Mitzvahs he had to attend growing up. On his rider, you will find Luden’s Cherry lozenges, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, fruits and a hot water kettle with tea. Everything you’d expect from a grade A vocal talent such as .

Miami2017 124Spinnin Records just released a big room banger “Black Rose,” a collaboration he did with Blasterjaxx. Up next he has some tracks with and Kaaze, Tenishia, and a melodic track with Ian Standerwick “Streets of Gold.” The latter being an emotional trance track anthem about losing a loved one.

Jonathon’s heartstrings were pulled at an early age by who was his celebrity crush.  She is “like a goddess” and “I thought I was in love with her” as she taught him how to sing. Listening to Jon’s music, you can hear the influence both in vocal power and range. The secret to Jon’s incredible vocal power: Mariah Carey, Cherry Lozenges, and Tea! (patent pending per Jonathan Mendelsohn)

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