Take 5 with Klingande: Miami Music Week 2017

Do you know that sound when you ting, ting on a glass?  In Swedish, that pretty chiming sound is called Klingande.  It may seem odd for a Frenchman to choose a Swedish name, but he is a “huge fan of Swedish DJs like Axwell” and loves their sound. Judging by the huge crowd at his Playground party during Miami Music klingande boyWeek, a lot of fans love his pretty sounds as well.

The international success of “Jubel” came as a big surprise to him.  It was a “free download on Soundcloud,” and then the “labels came to me wanting to sign it.”   The mix of saxophone and tropical beats topped the charts around the world.  Adding live instrumentation to his shows is a major goal for Klingande.  “Last year it was just a saxophone,” and this year a violin was added. My “dream is to have a whole live band in the future, let’s wait for the album.”

Klingande has been hard at work on his long awaited debut album.  “Somewhere New” is a first taste of what’s to come and he has “three to four songs almost done, waiting on clearance.”   We are all waiting for the album as well, which could easily by the international soundtrack of the summer.

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