Who likes short shorts? Kris Kross Amsterdam do! We just couldn’t help but notice how short their boy shorts were. Apparently “sex” was on everybody’s mind during this interview, and it was very fitting. We sat down with 2/3 of the Dutch trio Kris Kross Amsterdam during Miami Music Week, the trio exploded onto the scene last year with their massive hit “Sex,” a collaboration with Cheat Codes that reworked the chorus of Salt n Pepa’s “Let’s About Sex” over a sexy trop beat.

A playful and sexy vibe was clearly on their mind when we asked them about their celebrity crushes. One said Cameron Diaz from There’s Something About Mary, although he questioned whether her feet would satisfy his foot fetish. The other confessed he has a musical crush on Zara Larsson- admiring her work and requesting a musical collaboration with her. For being brothers, our two guests couldn’t be more opposite in their tastes.

Their amorous adventures might sway in different directions but they are united by their love of ginger beer – pairing it with rum for a Dark ’n Stormy or with Grand Marnier for a Perfect Storm. Though that is the only kind of storm they want to experience while in Miami because, in addition to spinning at a dozen of so gigs, including the Nexus Lounge, they were looking forward to riding jet skis and skateboarding in the streets of Miami. With all the bikes in Amsterdam, they say that skateboarding was much safer there in Miami.

With their insane tour schedule, including a mini-tour of Asia hitting Jakarta, Shanghai, and Taiwan in one weekend, we asked where they get their energy from. Their answer was simple and honest, it’s the crowd. Going into the audience and feeling the way they are “vibing on the music” brings us energy. We love their energy and their short shorts.

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