Take 5 with Mike Williams: Miami Music Week 2017 

A lot can happen in one year.  In 2016, unleashed “Sweet and Sour,” which exploded him into the spotlight.  EDM legend took Mike under his wing and helped to guide him along the way.  Tiesto’s support “felt amazing; when he brought me on stage last year it was amazing.”   That’s the reaction we had when we heard their amazing collaboration “I Want You.” 

Yet Mike doesn’t just want to collaborate with the legends, he is looking forward to the future.  Take a listen to his track “Bambino” and you will hear joyous children.  I “wanted to make a happy track and started the mike williams bodymelody on the piano” and “thought why don’t I put samples of children playing on it.”  The title sums it up, the Italian word for children.  He is that rare young producer who is making really emotional music. It is “always pretty cool to produce songs that make you emotional – happy or sad – and it is kind of difficult to produce music (like that).”  

One thing that wasn’t difficult for Mike was getting the support of his parents.  Although they were worried whether the DJ thing would work out, his parents told him that after he finishes school “try this for a year, do your best and we will see how it works out.”  Two years later, is going strong. 

A funny story from Miami, we mistakenly sat down to and realized it was Mike Williams.  The two young DJs are both really tall, and a lot of people confused them during last year.  Mike said with a laugh, “when I see him, I don’t see myself.”  That same kind of easy humor came through when he said was his celebrity crush.   She is really short and I am “really tall,” it is “going to be fun if I stand next to her.”   Rather than stand next to her, we want to collaborate with Ariana on a new song.  That would truly be an emotional and joyous club anthem.

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