When Sanjoy walked into the Nexus Lounge, you could feel the energy in the air.  His exuberance is infectious, and everyone quickly gathered around him.  The Bangladesh-born DJ/producer was taking a day off from back-to-back gigs for a press day, and he was on his game.  

Sanjoy recently signed with Sony, with the first release being “Obvi.”  Teaming with American Idol alum Elliot Yamin, he channeled the lingo of the ’90s and brought it back with flawless pop electronic production; though Sanjoy has no interest in going back in time.  “We are in the best possible time right now” because it “doesn’t get better than right now in terms of music, cultures mixing, and open-mindedness and freedom.” 

With his busy schedule, Sanjoy is constantly working and doesn’t take vacations.  He said he will know he made it “the moment I can fully take care of my parents,” and that “is when I will not worry about the hustle and bustle.”   Though with his insane work ethic, we double he will ever relax, at least not until he gets to produce a record with his celebrity crush Ariana Grande.  One thing that the two have is a signature hairstyle.   When asked about his epic hair, Sanjoy said that he uses herbal products and has a hair line coming, so he can’t disclose the secrets.  I “wake up like this,” he said jokingly.