Take 5 with SNBRN: Miami Music Week 2017

It is kind of ironic that SNBRN starts his sets with sounds of thunder and raindrops, especially when weather forced the cancellation of a party in Miami right when he was about to spin.  That’s just the snbrn body arandom craziness a DJ experiences when playing a multitude of gigs in one week.  Lots of coffee kept him sane this year, as did his decision to be “responsible for the first time” by not going out the first night.

A chance Miami gig last year is what led to the infamous track “The New Order.”  SNBRN’s agent suggested that he play Back2Back with Shaun Frank to get a primetime spot opening for Don Diablo.  The two didn’t meet until an hour before playtime and they instantly bonded over how they “organized music by key.”  The set was such a hit that they started getting offers for more B2B gigs the next day.  SNBRN brought in his longtime friend Dr Fresch, and the trio started doing five hour sets.  They decided to do a tour, make a song, and the rest is history.

SNBRN has been quite busy in the studio, having taken off a few months from touring to work on new music.  “You Got Me,” the track with Blu J, gave him “an excuse to learn Ableton” so they “could bounce snbrn body bback and forth.”  SNBRN also confirmed that the rumors of a collaboration with Ekali were true.

Of course, there is more to SNBRN than music.  He has a fetish for “funky cool socks” after snagging a few pairs from his dad’s drawers.  Then there is his undying love of Pugs.  His sister is a dog whisperer, and when you combine her brood of pugs with his parents’ pugs, “you hear the snorts.”  Pugs are “the nicest, stupidest, and sweetest things in the world” and there is “nothing you could hate about them.”   That is exactly how we feel about SNBRN, well, the last part at least… there is nothing we could ever hate about the talented producer/DJ.

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