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Take 5 with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano: Miami Music Week 2017

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano are known to keep it sexy and keep it fresh; so much so that not even bad weather can kill their vibe.  Their annual Sexy By Nature party in Miami was so massive that the party kept going, even when it started pouring down rain.  We “needed to bring some rain from .”  

sjrm bodyAt least it wasn’t an Avalanche, which just happens to be the title of their new track with Luciana. The track has been “in process for two years” and was inspired by ’s classic track “Roadkill.”  They got the parts from Dubfire and used the baseline, while reworking the melody.  Luciana is “such a talent because she had to resing it in a new key.”

When you follow Sunnery and Ryan’s socials, you will quickly notice they have some of the most loyal and insane fans.  When asked about their wildest fan , they mentioned a guy who broke into their hotel room to see what they use in their hair and a girl who gave them her underwear with her number on it.   Their most touching story is about a guy in a wheelchair who enjoyed their show from the front of the stage.  He came up afterwards crying and said he was “deaf, but enjoyed the beats because he could feel them.”   Sunnery and Ryan were moved because he wasn’t just listening but enjoying “the feeling of bringing energy.”

That kind of wonderful energy is felt in all of their releases on Sono (their record label).  Sunnery and Ryan premiered several new tracks in their sets- even a few that didn’t have names.  They were also excited about new tracks on the label from Thomas Newson and up-and-coming Russian producer Novak. The duo definitely radiate energy as they keep it sexy… and fresh.

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