This Grammy nominated remixer, producer, singer, and songwriter known for his remixes of Madonna, Mariah Carey, Anastacia, and Ne-yo needs no introduction.  His 2016 track with Martha Wash went to number one on the U.S. dance chart. He ranked #92 on Billboard Magazine’s most successful dance artist of all time. Tony Moran joins us for this installment of Take 5.

We are calling this installment “Take 3” because Tony refused to answer two questions. Jump to question three to find out why.

Before we get started, tell us everything about your latest project.

“MOODSWINGS” is the project of my lifetime – where I’m living my own musical dream and passion to the fullest.  This collection isn’t limited to a single style or genre.  Because I have no boundaries when It comes to my love of music.  This very special collection gave me the range and the freedom to fully express myself and the way music can match my (and everyone’s) moods at any time.

The glorious team of writers and artists that I was able to assemble all worked together in harmony, each of us expressing ourselves through the music we were part of creating.

#1. Let’s start off right – what’s your favorite cocktail?

A fine Cabernet.

#2. Who is your celebrity DJ/Musician crush?
#3. Who would you kiss, marry and vote off the island? Your options are:
Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Madonna.

TM: I would vote off the island whoever came up with those two questions above.

TM: I don’t believe in segmentation and division. We have enough of that going on in Washington D.C. and in the world around us right now.

In truth, there are MANY celebrity DJ’s and musicians whom I admire with all my heart. And I happen to adore RihannaMariah Carey and Madonna and their phenomenal talents.

#4. If you had a time machine, which decade would you go back to? (and why).

TM: Easy!  1993.  Dance Music was at its peak and blossomed all year long. I’m blessed to have released music back then, and fortunate enough to be able to express the music within me even today.

#5. Boxers, Briefs or Commando?

Tony Moran recently teamed up with Dani Toro to release the circuit anthem “Lick Me Up.”