Take 5 with Vassy : Miami Music Week 2017

It’s hard to say that 2016 was Vassy’s breakout year when she had already performed some of the biggest club records of all time with superstar DJs like David Guetta, Tiesto, and Showtek. 2016 was more like her solo breakout year, with the breakout single being “Nothing to Lose” on Spinnin records. That’s not to say that she is done collaborating, she just wanted to give her fans more of the “Vassy” experience, and with the overwhelming support from radio stations and clubs worldwide she did just that.  She said it was “very humbling to get all the support” and you can tell that she means it.

Just following her on social media, the way she expresses love for her fans is, as the kids say, is “extra.” Her #bedifferent campaign encourages everyone to be themselves and stand out. She urges everyone to be “comfortable in your own skin.”  That’s such a great message to share in this current world climate.  She even did a special unplugged/acoustic album of all her dance hits because her fans requested it.

She has some “cool collabs” in the works but she didn’t want to elaborate on specifics because she didn’t want to “jinx it.” She did mention that after she performs for the / on Hill campaign in Washington DC, she’s locking herself in the studio to get her headspace in creative mode again. We’re looking forward to what she comes up with next! 

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