The DubVision brothers; Victor and Stephan Leicher are taking over Miami playing a plethora gigs and enjoying the massive parties. With celebrity crushes like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and a proper Latin pronunciation of the word “mojito”, these two talented producers earned true “Miami status” with our host Dayanna Ramirez.

As wild as you can imagine their DJ life to be, their rider was surprisingly simple; focus on the technical specs, and a bottle of vodka and champagne. But fast forward a couple seconds later and they jokingly upped their answer: a shoulder massaging monkey (in every city), and a vodka pouring squirrel. Coming right up guys!

Their touring schedule was no joke however, they were hitting Belgium, Turkey and Asia next, and they’ve been quite busy in the studio as well. They just wrapped up their new single “Satellites” and a remix of Martin Garrix’s new hit single featuring Dua Lipa “Scared to Be Lonely.” They’re also working long hours on starting their own events, possibly their own label and maybe even an album.

With all the excitement surrounding them, they stay grounded by remembering all the good moments, like that time when Axwell called them producers of the year and played their first single “All By Myself” at Story. That was their first time in Miami and it is amazing to see how far they’ve come in just a few years.