Take 5 with ZooKepeR: Miami Music Week 2017

Confession time.  We’ve been low-key stalking Zookeper online since the moment we heard his track “Move Off Ya Feet.”  It came as no surprise to us when the Bingo Players scooped him up for their label Hysteria.

zookeper body aThis isn’t ZooKeper’s first journey in the music world.  He played guitar with rock bands and was part of the original live band version of Cash Cash.  Zooks, as he is often called, laughed while recounting the story of when he begged his parents for turntables so he could learn scratch and mix.  His father got his a drum set instead.  When his band got signed to a label, his father would say how funny it was that he wanted turn tables. They both laugh at this now with the way his career has transformed.

ZooKeper has been making music for a while but is relatively new to DJing.  He learned a lot touring with Bingo Players  “Going around the country and seeing what people liked” while playing out changed his understanding of dance music.  Touring as a rock band, you “figure out your set before you start the tour” but as a DJ, I can “play a different set every night and that was really fun.” 

Touring also got him super inspired to work on new music.  Zookeper revealed that his first ever collaboration with Eva Shaw will be coming out really soon.   His dream collaboration is with Justice which makes sense because he like to “weird left field stuff.”  Zooks is also finishing up a Bootleg EP as a throwback to the old days.  We could only imagine what his take on Hanson might sound like.. 

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